Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Machine Learning - Neural Networks

Object/Image detection: Use AIML to automatically detect passive fire objects that need to be inspected in a commercial building, then automatically/instantly provide several details of the object in the captured image or video data.

Image Analysis: Analysis of video and image data captured via a drone with instant analysis of regulatory non-compliance or non-compliance, environment pollution or safety concerns, oil spillage and mining hazards, and all such notification sent to designated users via a mobile App and or by email.

Analysis of video or static images of work sites, such as road, construction works, then use artificial intelligence to instantly analyse it and capture status, such as progress, delay, not started, etc and sent notification via email and mobile phone apps.

Predictive Analytics Using Neural Networks to capture and analyse computer network traffic and using AIML to analyse the data, then generate predictive analytics that can be used in decision making. We also use Neural networks to analyse historical to predict future for example future crude oil or building construction material prices.

We use the A1 Generative Adversarial Network: to solve everyday business problems as follows 1) a Generative model could generate new photos of animals that look like real animals from text, while 2) a discriminative model could tell a dog from a cat.