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At TEMSCONSU, we understand the challenges that most businesses have when it comes to Information Technology - particularly getting to grips with new technology, busting the myths and getting return on investment. There is also a lot of wasted expenditure which is predominant in Information Technology as reported daily.

Organisations are asking questions such as:


do I digitise my business or what integrated ecosystem (and not disjointed) do I need to put in place to enable efficient remote working for my geographically dispersed team members to collaborate efficiently and productively?

  • Instant messaging

  • Video conferencing

  • Document sharing

  • Real Task Collaboration & Visibility

  • Workflow Management


do I use Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to derive predictive data analytics on what service or product to provide? When and how can I use robotics to automate and make business processes more efficient?


do I leverage concepts such as Cloud Computing, DevOps, Internet of Things etc to make my business more profitable?

I have my data

in several spreadsheets, how do I use the data for decision making?

How do I build a database to host such information while maintaining customer data privacy?

How do interpret my data and derive business intelligence analytics?

How can I package and provide the relevant data to my customers?

Most recently, businesses of all sizes have to be considerate of consumer concerns regarding data and privacy, which places IT and Cyber Security at the forefront of Information Technology.

At TEMSCONSU, we offer a one-day Free Complimentary IT Consultancy and give you a report on our findings with very practical recommendations and logic behind our suggestions.

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