Ransomware like terrorism is the bane of our times, so we need to change tack

Ransomware is malware from cryptovirology that is planted on a computer system or IT network via downloaded attachments in phishing email messages or by gaining access through other methods threatens to publish the victim's data or perpetually block access to it unless a ransom is paid in the form of untraceable bitcoins.

Clearly this is a major threat to all sizes of business from small to medium through to large scale enterprise.

There is a plethora of anti-ransom software available, but for any organisation to effectively fight off ransomware attacks perhaps there is a need to revisit or to rethink traditional methods of working especially using information technology as follows:

Perhaps discouraging or dissuading the downloading of attachments from an email both external and internal sources, instead encouraging or stipulating that every user send only links to documents stored in cloud storage services, such as one drive, drop box, google drive, amazon’s S3 or EBS, internal share point storage etc.

Instead of traditional Local Area Networks (LAN) enabled by Ethernet cabling, Fibre optics, switches, or routers to put it in the simplest form, perhaps there is now also a growing need to use Virtual Private Networks instead. This offers end to end encryption of any data transferred via the VPN channel which essentially is a secure tunnel across the Internet. With 5G networks becoming readily available the speed of access is likely to be as good as accessing a LAN directly or even better.

Building high availability duplicate replica IT networks that are synced with the main one and can be activated at a moment’s notice if attacked. This practise will ensure that these disaster recovery networked servers are in place, are very frequently tested, working, and can be deployed at short notice.

Real time, accurate continuous back up of all essential business files that can be restored very rapidly.

To defeat these criminally motivated individuals and groups we need to change our mindset, giving in/paying ransoms in the millions of dollars will continue to embolden these cyber criminals and will encourage others to join in.

We offer free one day IT security audit consultancy and we assist you implement best practise processes, deploy tools, and techniques to secure your data and IT Network.

Hurry and get in touch, do not wait to be the next victim of ransomeware because at that point you would have to lose millions paid out to these criminals.

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